Year Round Camping Award for 2010

The Year Round Camping Award is an easy one to recognize your troop with if you’re already getting them out on regular monthly campouts.  We’ll present this one at our first quarter Court of Honor in February.

The qualifications for this award are 10 camping outings undertaken with the Scouts, Varsities or Venturers from your unit during 2009/2010, including at least one district or council sponsored event.  Each campout must have 2-deep leadership.

Here are the outings we did in 2010 to earn this award:

1) Jan – Klondike 2010 at Rockport Reservior (Council-sponsored event)
2) Feb – Ice Fishing at Rockport Reservoir
3) Apr – Geode Rock Hunting near Dugway
4) May – Backpacking to Diamond Fork Hot Springs
5) Jun – Backpacking to Rudy’s Flat
6) Jul – Summer Scout Camp at Camp Stenier
7) Aug – Ziplining at Johnson Mountain
8) Sept – Centennial Jamboral in Tooele (Council-sponsored event)
9) Oct – Traditional Goblin Valley trip to hike slot canyons
10) Dec – Snow cave camping at Johnson Mountain

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NOTE: We don’t camp in March and November due to a zone Merit Badge Pow-wow that takes place over three Saturdays in those two months.

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