Advertising our Boy Scout Flag Service

The boys are doing very well putting together the promotion and advertising for our Flag Service Fundraiser for Scout Camp.  Below are also a few answers to questions that have come up:

Q. When we pay for this service, do we need to buy the flag too?
A. No, we are providing the flag to use for this service.  More specifically, when you buy our service, you are really paying for a subscription to have our Scout Troop place a flag on your lawn on specified holidays.  The troop retains ownership of the flags. 

Q. Can I donate a flag from a previous time we did this fundraiser?
A. You bet!  Please have them ready by Wed so we can pick it up.

Q. Can we buy more than one flag placement?
A. Absolutely!! You can pay for as many flags on your lawn as you want. For some corner houses or larger lots, it will make your house look *very* patriotic! (and we appreciate the extra support so we don’t have to walk to camp :) )

Here’s the flyer they have been passing around and already have 55 subscribers signed up:

Nice job, don’t cha think?!

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  1. Daniel Amyradakis says:

    Thank you so much for all your ideas. Would it be possible to get a template for your flyer? Thank you!

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