Year End Camp Summary for 2015

Here is our year-end camp summary for 2015:

1) Jan – Backpacking with snowshoes in Little Cottonwood Canyon*
2) Feb – Klondike 2015 at Soldier Hollow (District-sponsored event)
3) Apr – White Rock near Dugway
4) May – Backpacking to Rudy’s Flat
5) Jun – Traditional Goblin Valley trip to hike slot canyons**
6) Jul – Summer Scout Camp at Bear Lake Aquatics Base
7) Aug – Backpacking to Long Lake (with side trip to The Notch)
8) Sept – CANCELLED due to lack of support with Flag Service
9) Oct – Backpacking to Diamond Fork Hot Springs***
10) Dec – Winter camping tradition at Crystal Hot Springs

* I’ve always wanted to try backpacking in the winter, so we rented snowshoes and did it.

** Goblin Valley as a 1-night trip is typically rushed, so we tried a 2-nighter right after school let out in June, which also avoided traditional conflicts with football in October.

*** Diamond Fork in the Fall is a much better experience, especially from the top.

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NOTE: We don’t camp in March and November due to a zone Merit Badge Pow-wow that takes place over three Saturdays in those two months.

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