Camp Steiner – My Favorite Scout Camp in the Mountains

After spending a week at Camp Steiner this summer, it has become my favorite scout camp in a mountain setting.  I place it that high on my list based on location, location, location!  The camp is situated in the beautiful Uinta mountains, an area I have come to love from many other recreational activities I’ve enjoyed up there (such as snowmobiling, backpacking and fishing).  At an elevation of 10,400 ft, Camp Steiner is also the highest elevated Boy Scout camp in the United States and second highest in the world. From a scout camp perspective, Steiner has real alpine lakes for water sports and fishing, real rock cliffs for climbing and rappelling and access to hiking trails with viewpoints that are absolutely spectacular.  Bald Mountain, Reids Peak and Hayden Peak are all within sight.  There’s much more to camp than just working on merit badges…and Steiner provides a lot of opportunity to explore those surrounding areas.The last feature that makes this camp unique are the three-sided Adirondack log cabins.  These structures date back to when the camp was first established in 1930 and offer something very different for your camping experience.  Camp Steiner is definitely one of the most beautiful scout settings I’ve experienced in the mountains to date.

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2 Responses to Camp Steiner – My Favorite Scout Camp in the Mountains

  1. Mark Donat says:

    I’m the Aquatics Dir for 2016 it has been an amazing experience. Scout lake is actually not that cold in late summer.

    • Scoutmaster says:

      We just got back from our week-long camp at Steiner. The water temp was 57 degrees for all 3 days of our Polar Plunge…but WE LOVED IT!!

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