Year Round Camping Summary for 2016

Here is our year-end camp summary for 2016:

1) Jan – 2nd annual Winter backpacking on snowshoes in Little Cottonwood Canyon
2) Feb – Last minute change to Crystal Hot Springs*
3) Apr – 2nd annual April outing to White Rock near Dugway**
4) May – 6th annual May backpack outing to¬†Rudy’s Flat
5) Jun – Exploring Coyote Gulch
6) Jul – Summer Scout Camp at Camp Steiner
7) Aug – Camp by canoe on the Cutler Reservoir of the Bear River near Logan
8) Sept – Bald Mountain Camp w/ 10-mile hike on the Notch Mountain Trail
9) Oct – Timpooneke Camp w/ 10-mile hike to the Timpanogos Basin
10) Dec – 5th annual December outing at Crystal Hot Springs

* The original plan was to camp on either Rockport, Strawberry or Deer Creek reservoir and ice fish but the weather wasn’t cold enough to make this safe, so we went to “plan B”.

** We like this destination in the Spring and have decided to make this an annual tradition with our 11 year old (EYO) scouts.

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NOTE: We don’t camp in March and November due to a zone Merit Badge Pow-wow that takes place over three Saturdays in those two months.

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