Year Round Camping Summary for 2017

Here is our year-end camp summary for 2017:

1) Jan – 3rd annual Winter backpacking on snowshoes in Little Cottonwood Canyon
2) Feb – Last minute change to Fivemile Pass*
3) Mar – Yurt experience at East Fork of the Bear River**
4) Apr – 3rd annual Spring outing to White Rock near Dugway
5) May – 8th annual backpack outing to Rudy’s Flat
6) Jun – Summer scout camp at Bear Lake Aquatics Base (#4)
7) Aug – Backpacking to Notch Lake
8) Sept – Five Mile Pass w/ EYOs
9) Oct – Traditional Goblin Valley trip to hike slot canyons
10) Dec – 6th annual Winter outing at Crystal Hot Springs

* Due to the lousy winter we had in February ’17 and the thawing of lakes to go ice fishing, we had to come up with a “plan B” for that weekend.  It wasn’t ideal but definitely better than cancelling.

** This was a new idea we decided to do in a month that typically doesn’t have an outing scheduled (see Note below) since 2017 was slightly different for a few reasons:  1) We needed a day off from school to do this trip since it involved a 2-hour drive, winter weather and a 1.5 mile hike on snowshoes to the yurt.  2) We didn’t want to bump our Jan or Feb plans that boys were already looking forward to.  3) We were also shooting for late winter/early spring adventure to make this yurt experience as good as we could.  4) No outing was planned in July since I would be gone for 3 weeks at the National Jamboree.

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NOTE: We don’t camp in March and November due to a zone Merit Badge Pow-wow that takes place over three Saturdays in those two months.

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