Equipment List for Jamboree

T-minus 200 days ‘til our council leaves for Jamboree… WOW, how time flies!  It doesn’t seem that long ago we were just at 300 days.  As we look at what needs to be done between now and July, I thought I’d share the Equipment List my co-leaders have organized over the years.  If you remember, this will be my first National Jamboree with 3 other leaders that have been 4 times before (plus once to the World Jamboree in Sweden last summer).  So I have a lot of confidence this list is well ironed out!  If there’s anything you question or see missing, what would it be?

By the way, this list might also be a good reference for any last minute Christmas shopping you may still need to do for your Scout.  If he’s not going to Jamboree, you can also refer to my home Troop’s equipment list for scout camp.


1 Jamboree Duffel Bag*
1 Jamboree Day Pack*
1 Sleeping Bag
1 Sleeping Bag Liner
1 Stuff Sack for Sleeping bag (compression sack preferred)
1 Laundry Bag (will be provided)*
1 Umbrella (small)
1 Air Pillow (optional) & Ear plugs


1 Lip balm
1 small bottle hand sanitizer
1 insect repellent (cream or lotion–not aerosol)
1 Tube sunscreen 30-45 SPF
1 small body powder
1 Comb
1 Toothpaste and toothbrush
1 Deodorant
1 Woolite in plastic container
2 wire hangers
1 Eating kit: knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate, bowl
1 small flashlight
1 pr. work gloves
1 Pocket knife (pack in duffel bag! Not carry on!)—Optional
1 Water bottle
12 Clothes pins- spring type/wood or plastic
1 Air mattress (ThermaRest or similar brand and type)
1 Waterproof ground cloth
2 ea Bath and hand towels
1 Sewing kit
1 Combination Lock for duffel bag—Optional
1 pr Sunglasses
1 Servicemen’s Scripture Kit
1 Journal
1 Camera—Optional
1 Shaving gear


2 Full set Scout uniform – pants, shirt and BSA belt (Short pants only)
7 sets of underwear
5 pr Scout socks
2-4 activity t-shirts (long and short sleeve)
1 Swim suit—& Flip flops for shower, etc.
1 pr Rubber-soled shoes —Optional
2 Jamboree contingent emblems*
1 Nameplate*
1 rain jacket (lightweight and waterproof w/ rain proof pants or poncho)
1 pr Pajamas or sweat suits
1 pr Hiking shoes – already broken in
1 pr jeans/levis w/o holes
1pr Sturdy shoes – already broken in
1 Neckerchief and Neckerchief slide*


Luggage Tags — will be provided
Phone Cards for long distance calls
Pre-paid Visa Card/limit to be decided by troop
6 Large trash bags

Remember no electronic devices…
Leave all of your iPods, iPads, MP3 Players, cell phones, etc at home!

* indicates items that will be provided by either National or Council


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