Recruiting and Cost Planning for 2013 Jamboree

Believe it or not, getting ready for the 2013 Jamboree starts now!  I have no idea what logistics will take place over the next two years, but I’m sure to soon find out!  For now, the first task as a new leader involves recruiting 36 boys to form a “Jamboree Troop”.  There are a few already on the list but several open spots need to be filled.  No time can be wasted here because these boys need to get busy pulling together the money to go!   This is what the payment schedule looks like:

By July 1, 2011………….$600 needs to be in their jamboree account.
By December 1, 2011…$1,200
By July 1, 2012………….$1,800
By December 1, 2012…$2,400
By March 1, 2012………$3,000

The cost for this event is a bit daunting, however this covers all expenses for:

– 10 days of visiting historic landmarks and national monuments in that area and,
– 10 days at the national scout jamboree event itself.

We encourage each boy to earn some (if not all) of the total cost to go.  Personally, I think there’s great value in having them put some skin in the game to better appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime experience as a youth.  We’ll see how it goes…

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