Mini LED Flashlight by eGear

If you’re still looking for something small to give your scouter this Christmas, what about a cool mini LED flashlight?  The one I’m thinking about is called a “PICO Zipper Light” by eGear.  One of these came in the Adventure Kit I got with my SPOT Satellite Messenger last Christmas.  This light is so small and so bright… I use it all the time, clipped to my key chain, and it’s still going strong. It’s really a neat light!

Check your local sporting good store for a price point around $10; available in a variety of colors as shown below.

PicoColorsYou might also have noticed a knockoff in the Scout shop (or on that is almost identical to this eGear model.  However if you compare these two up close, you will find a difference in quality between the $3 light from BSA and the PICO from eGear.  It isn’t as noticable when looking at the outside, but the inside is very different in how the contact point activates the LED.  The PICO light is well designed while the BSA one is questionable.  Without going into much more detail about a trivial flashlight, they both do the job, but I would be willing to bet “you get what you pay for” in how long it works.

If you’re buying a bunch for the boys in your troop, I’m sure the $3 BSA version would be just fine (and affordable).  If you’re buying one for an individual scout, adult leader or parent who has been a great help with your troop, spend the 10 bucks for the better one.

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2 Responses to Mini LED Flashlight by eGear

  1. Gloria Eive says:

    Where do I buy a new battery for my PICO light?

    • HAHATJ says:

      Gloria I was just looking at my little flashlight wondering the same thing i thing anywhere you can find the 392a batteries :) hope that helps

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