Ultrathon, the ultimate Uinta mosquito repellant!

If you ever visit the Uinta (YOO’-ihn-tah) mountains of Utah, REMEMBER to bring your bug repellant!  We knew the mosquitoes would be big enough to carry you away as we planned for our week at Camp Steiner.  Everyone packed their weapon of choice.  Our collection of repellants included Deep Woods Off!, Repel 100, Cutter Backwoods and even some natural alternatives such as BioUD and Dschungel Juice.  However, the one that worked absolutely thee best was a product from 3M called “Ultrathon”.  This stuff kept those pesky blood suckers away and was the tube that ran out first!

An interesting fact is that Ultrathon is only 34% DEET!  Why does this work better than the products with 100% DEET??  According to 3M’s website;

  • In the mid-1980’s, the US Military contacted 3M to develop a better form of protection based on 3M unique Time Release Technology.
  • Time Release Protection means DEET is slower to evaporate and provides protection after others have dissipated – up to 12 hours of protection against mosquitoes.
  • Ultrathon’s unique technology gives the user a balanced mix between concentration of DEET and long lasting protection. 3M’s proven formula provides longer lasting protection with less DEET.
  • Ultrathon™ Insect Repellent is still being used by US Military troops today.
  • Ultrathon™ has been tested in the harshest environments in the world – the Central American Jungles.

I found this locally at REI in Sandy or Cabela’s in Lehi, Utah.  A 2 oz. tube of this lotion is around $10.  If you’re not in a rush, look online for slightly cheaper pricing or try to catch a sale.  We definitely proved to ourselves that Ultrathon was the ultimate Uinta mosquito repellant… but you should really try it for yourself.

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