Is Jamboree an Experience of a Lifetime?

Some families may still be trying to decide if Jamboree is something worth spending the money on. Is it really an experience of a lifetime? I will find out for myself next summer.  Until then, take a look at what this mom thinks about the value of attending:

T-minus 300 days until our council’s Jamboree adventure begins!

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  1. I agree. I went in 2010 and saw tremendous growth in the Scouts that I took. It may not manifest the day after Jambo, but I have been to a few Eagle CoH’s for Scouts that were in my Jambo Troop to learn that the reason they stuck with it and finished earning their Eagle Award was because of the experience they had at Jambo. There is something cool about seeing Scouting on a Larger scale that helps make a Scout realize that Scouting is cool. 70,000 people that all wear the uniform in one place. All of a sudden they like wearing it at home. Things like that and much more. I have seen a change in my two sons that went to Jambo in 2010 also. It is an experience of a life time.. I would not say that it is a once in a life time experience.. I will do it again.. as will many Scouts and Scouters. But certainly a Lifetime experience.

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