Nalgene Water Bottles

Do you feel like you’re running out of time with Christmas only four days away?  Need a last minute idea to stuff your scout’s stocking?  How about a Nalgene water bottle?  These are great bottles; inexpensive and durable with several options to choose from.  The kind I’m recommending (shown below) comes in two sizes, 16 or 32 ounce with either a wide mouth or a narrow one.  You can pick from a variety of different colors, all compatible with the typical water filter and purification system.  The loop on the lid can also clip to a carabiner hooked to your backpack for convenient access while hiking.  Priced at under $10, this is an awesome gift for as long-lasting as this bottle has been for me (I have one going on 10 years old)! The 32 oz. wide mouth version is a popular choice to use as the container for home-made Emergency and Survival Kits. 

Nalgene also offers a 32 oz. canteen bottle if you like that style better.

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