Spoof Merit Badges and Custom Patches

My son’s goal for scout camp this summer was to pass off several merit badges that are best done at camp.  These included Canoeing, Rowing and Archery to name a few.  Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.  As I posted earlier, he got injured  on the second day which prevented him from accomplishing his goal.  Although he took it in stride, you could imagine how disappointing this was for him.  Which leads me to the reason for this post.

As the planning took place for our end-of-summer Court of Honor, I had the idea to look for something that could recognize him for his courage and positive attitude.  I quickly did a search on Google for “thumb carving merit badge” and within minutes, found a link to the Boy Scout Store.  They have a whole list of spoof merit badges and custom patches to choose from.  For me, the one that fit the bill perfectly was the Finger Carving Merit Badge…SCORE!

I think that adding a few of these kinds of “awards” to a Court of Honor can enhance the fun and energy of that activity.  Lots of things happen at camp, both entertaining and serious.  If we don’t publically highlight some of those experiences after a camp, it feels like another missed opportunity to recognize the boys and make them feel important.  I know my son was completely shocked to be called up for “earning” something at this summer’s scout camp… not to mention being overwhelmed when everyone rushed him to see if the doctor really signed the blue card this badge was attached to!  I think that’s what it’s all about…

Anyway, I still haven’t found anything I like for those who did the Polar Plunge every morning at 6am in 50 degree water!!  Got an ideas?

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