Earning the Finger Carving and Courage Merit Badges

I only had one incident at scout camp this summer…and luckily, it was with my own kid!  We hadn’t been at camp for 24 hours yet and were already in the ER earning the merit badge for courage.

On that Tuesday morning, while working on the Wood Carving merit badge, my son slipped with the knife and almost sliced his thumb off!  Fortunately, the bone prevented that.  He did cut through 25% of his tendon and nicked the ligament.  Here’s a picture of the wound for those not faith at heart.

Anyway, we awarded him the Finger Carving Merit Badge at our Court of Honor last night with a blue card even signed by the doctor!  Oh yeah…and I got a bill from Evanston Regional for $813…thank goodness for insurance.


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