Voice of the Scout Survey (Spring 2014)

I took 10 minutes today to complete the latest Voice of the Scout survey.

VoiceOfTheScoutHere’s how I responded:

Q. How likely is it that you would recommend volunteering in the Scouting program to other friends or acquaintances?
A. 10 (on a scale from 1-10)

The next few questions were to be ranked as follows:

Strongly disagree | Disagree | Somewhat disagree | Neutral | Somewhat agree | Agree | Strongly agree


Q. Through Scouting, I teach youth skills they cannot learn anywhere else.
A. Somewhat agree

COMMENTS: The scouting program is awesome, but youth can also get similar skills from home, school, church groups and even through sports.

Q. I fully understand my role within the unit.
A. Strongly agree

Q. I understand the unique benefits that Scouting provides to today’s youth.
A. Strongly agree

Q. Scouting provides an effective way for youth to learn important skills.
A. Strongly Agree


Q. I have support from other leaders that helps me be effective in my volunteer role.
A. Agree

COMMENTS: I get this support mostly from other leaders who are not in my home unit. However, I do finally have an ASM who is “ALL IN” and excited about what the two of us will be able to do working closely together.

Q. Attending roundtables helps me become a more effective volunteer.
A. Somewhat agree

COMMENTS: Our Roundtable leader is pretty bland with a low-to-no level of energy. Our district could use some help there.

Q. I know where to go to get tools and resources to be successful in my volunteer role.
A. Agree

COMMENTS: A lot of it we can get by just GOING TO TRAINING! Roundtable, University of Scouting, Wood Badge and anything else that is offered to help us in our roles!!


Q. The council staff provides outstanding customer service.
A. Neutral

COMMENTS: Not enough deep interaction at the Council level to really have an opinion one way or the other.

Q. Scouting is a great value for the money.
A. Strongly agree

COMMENTS: Although, I still have questions about where all this money goes

Q. If there was one thing that I would suggest to improve Scouting, it would be…
A. …the same feedback I gave to this survey 2 years ago! No sense providing more until I see something from what has already been given.

Just a side note here that I did not look at my answers from the VOS survey 2 years ago before answering this one today.  In fact, I forgot all about it until this last question about what I would suggest.  Looking back, not a whole lot has changed in those 2 years…

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  1. Donald R. Burkman says:

    As a Veteran our Legion Post is proud to sponsor and back the boy scouts of our community.

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