Stormproof Match Kit

Need another gift idea?  How about something small that can be given by a younger sibling or used as a stocking stuffer…

Take a look at the Stormproof Match Kit by UCO (pronounced: you-co).  This kit features a beefy plastic waterproof case, 25 waterproof matches and 3 strikers.  You even have three case colors to choose from: dark green, orange and yellow.  Personally, I like the brighter colors since those are much easier to see at the bottom of the pack or on the ground if it gets dropped between your tent and the cooking area!  Prices for UCO’s kit can range from $5.95 at REI to $6.99 on Amazon to as much as $9.95 on eBay.

There are other alternatives too if you’d rather put something together yourself.  Before I found this UCO kit, I was using a Coghlan’s Plastic Matchbox with waterproof matches you can pick up anywhere.  I liked the high-visibility orange for the reasons mentioned above.

Unfortunately, the Coghlan approach only holds 13 of the same matches found in the UCO kit and the flint strip on the bottom doesn’t work at all.  I had to find another striker strip to slide inside the canister which then cuts the available space for matches down to 11.  From a cost perspective, this alternative is about $2 plus the cost of matches but I personally like the UCO option much better.  It’s definitely worth the price!

UPDATE: If you live here in Utah, I just noticed this kit on sale at Emergency Essentials for $5.69. Remember to ask about the Scout discount on items purchased for scouting.

UPDATE 4/20/17: I am currently looking to purchase a bunch more of these UCO kits to give out to my scout who meet the deadlines for our week-long camp registration.  The best prices I’m finding now are $7.59 on eBay, $7.95 at REI or $7.99 directly from UCO.  Other prices range from $8.50 to $14 per kit on Amazon…which seem a bit high for me.

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