5 Jamboree Activities That Will Not Require a Helmet

T-minus 400 days until our Jamboree adventure begins!

While there’s nothing new to report with our east coast tour plans, you might be wondering: What else can a Scout look forward to beyond the other 10 reasons to be excited about this event?  How about this…

5 Jamboree activities that will not require a helmet!

1. Merit Badges – Experts at the Summit say there are going to be plenty of opportunities to do merit badge-related stuff.  Need a badge in shooting sports? Be ready to get fired up at the Summit. The range at SBR will be the best in the country!

2. Patch Trading – Patches?  Scouts love patches!  …and what better place to improve your collection than at the Jamboree with 40,000 other Scouts!?  If this is your thing, here are 3 ways to ramp up your patch trading.

3. Give Back – Scouts will be involved with one of Scouting’s greatest traditions – service.  See how we’ll be giving back to the communities near the Summit with 40,000 Scouts over 5 days with 300,000 hours of giving.

4. Visit friends and family at the Summit Center – Do you have family members or friends that aren’t going as a Jamboree participant but still want to experience the Summit?  Good!  Because the Summit Center will give them a taste of almost all of the activities SBR has to offer!  Check out the 1 place you won’t want to miss at the Jamboree.

5. Enjoy free time – Even with a schedule stacked full of high adventure, there will still be plenty of free time to explore and get to know the Summit better!  Until then, get a feel for what’s coming your way with the new 2013 jamboree interactive map.

Are you still undecided about coming in 2013?  Why would you miss out on all this fun??
GO BIG and GET WILD with us…it’s still not too late to register. Meet me at the Summit!
Content source: summitblog.org

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