Flag Service Problems and Solutions, part 2

23 more subscribers means we need to buy more materials, build more flags and insert more sleeves.  Since our first date of service, I’ve observed a few things and have made some adjustments.

  • 3/4″ pvc as a 9′ pole with a flag attached to it isn’t as sturdy as I’d like it to be. It bends too much with the wind and looks a bit floppy (especially if the sleeve angle is too much). I have since upgraded to 1″ pvc for any new flagpoles.
  • I scrapped the kit from Colonial Flag and am now just buying individual pieces. I can get 1″ pvc from my local Sprinkler Supply for only 26 cents/foot.  Using a 9′ flagpole that is 1″ in diameter at $2.34 is quite a bit more savings than $6 for the 7′ 6″ size that comes in the kit. 
  • Due to the other problems we experienced with the 7′ 6″ length and the sleeve insert idea, I am now cutting the lengths myself to 9′, which eliminates the need for the extension altogether.
  • It’s a good thing my inserts were cut from 1 1/4″ pvc because that accommodates both of our pole diameters quite nicely. (at least we got one thing right!)
  • Now I just buy the 3×5′ flag from Colonial Flag at the scout discounted price. Total cost per flag is now under $10 each. The only thing missing is the little gold ball topper (that have come off and gotten lost from some of the kit-built ones anyway).
  • Attaching these flags to the thicker pole is now done with Truss Washer Lath Screws, #8×9/16 as shown below.  Just drill is little pilot hole with a 3/32″ drill bit through one side of your 1″ pvc pipe and you’re good to go.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have 4 or 5 pieces of rebar on hand just in case:

    1. you get a few new subscribers the day before a service, or
    2. your scouts can’t find the sleeve because the grass is so over-grown or
    3. the subscriber is having their yard re-done and the sleeve has been temporarily dug up.

Oh, what we learn from the mistakes we make.

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