Flag Service Fundraiser for Scout Camp

After doing a cost/benefit analysis followed by some discussion, our committee has given us the green light on doing a Flag Service for our summer camp fundraiser.  We priced a couple of kits from a few online retailers but found the best deal with a local company, Colonial Flag in Sandy, Utah.  They support the scouting program by offering a full kit at a discounted price.  That kit includes:

  • 3×5′ polyester American flag
  • 7′ 6″ tall white pvc pole (3/4″ diameter)
  • O-rings and zip-ties to attach flag to pole
  • Vinyl gold ball topper
  • 3′ piece of rebar

Looks like our tentative dates of service will be:

  • Feb 21 – President’s Day
  • May 30 – Memorial Day
  • June 14 – Flag Day
  • July 04 – Independence Day
  • July 24 – Pioneer Day
  • Sept 05 – Labor Day
  • Sept 11 – Patriot Day
  • Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day

Now it’s time to make some assignments for the boys to get started on the advertising!

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