Flag Service Problems and Solutions, part 3

I believe there are only two problems that remain with our flag service… one will take a little longer to work through but the other was taken care of yesterday!  There has been a developing issue over the months with trying to find the sleeve insert as the grass has grown over.  I didn’t realize how much of a problem it was until I found myself down on hands and knees combing through several lawns looking for it!!  If it wasn’t for a boy scout standing next to me with an armful of flags, I wonder what people may have thought I was doing in their front yard.

Anyway, the solution was to make some kind of marking where the boys (and leader) can easily find each sleeve.  Since I wanted this marking to be clearly identified with our flag service, I chose a simple scout emblem.  I made a stencil of it, bought some inverted marking paint and went to town throughout the neighborhood while the flags were still up.  That way, I figured I wouldn’t miss any and also wouldn’t have to explain myself if I was painting marks at any other time.

Another problem down, one more to go (I hope).

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