A BernzOmatic TS4000: You Should Try One!

What do you get an adult scouter who already has everything he needs for scouting?  Is there really anything else you could possibly get?  Of course there is – always!

How about a BernzOmatic TS4000?

It slices, it dices, it… ok, just kidding.

But seriously, I hope you’re not thinking, “when would I use that on a scout campout?”.

I’ll tell you when!

Here are 2 scenarios I have found mine quite useful:

  1. After the boys have spent WAAAAY too long trying to get a fire started with their 1-match-each rule…or 2 matches…ok, sometimes 3. I’ll let them struggle for a good long time working to get it started and then I *might* break out this torch to get things fired up.  Most of the time, they get the job done and that’s really what we all want to see.  However when it’s ten degrees on a winter campout with snow blowing sideways and our hands freezing cold… yeah, we break out “the torch”!
  2. The more practical application for us and this trigger start torch is to light our Camp Chef stoves. We have two 3-burner Explorers and have typically used those BIC multi-purpose lighters for igniting.  Unfortunately, they don’t work half the time – even after buying brand new ones.  So we finally decided to stop wasting our money on BICs (or going through tons of matches) and picked up one of these BernzOmatics for around $35.

It works great with those green 16 oz propane fuel canisters from Coleman…

You should try one!

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