ENO Twilights LED Camp Lights

These are fun!  A simple string of LED lights, white or colored, powered by three AA batteries…a great gift idea for Scouts of any age!  I bought a set of lights called Twinklers back in 2005 from INKLING Lights.  While that company doesn’t produce these any more, Eagle’s Nest Outfitters came out with a version not too long ago that is very similar.

I’ve taken my set of colored lights on backpacking trips for years and always get positive comments.  I even get a chuckle myself seeing Christmas lights blinking from inside my tent on a warm summer night in the middle of nowhere.  As silly as it sounds, it’s just one of those things that is so out of place yet adds to the memory of those who are with me.

Anyway, that old set of lights was recently donated to my Bear Patrol so they could embellish the Service totem on a recent Wood Badge course.  Everyone got a kick out of those colored blinkers wrapped around the handle of a snow shovel.  As a result, a replacement set of these ENO Twilights have since been added to my Christmas list!

HINT: the best price I’ve seen these sell for is $15.96 on Amazon with free shipping :)

EDIT: I got a set of Twilights and just wish they had a blink mode like my Twinklers!

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