Dealing with Digital Distractions, Diversions and Detours

There are so many digital distractions our youth can be influenced by these days: television, movies, video games, computers, cell phones…  I can’t wait to go to scout camp next week and get away from it all!  Not just for me as an adult needing a break from the constant barrage of electronic media, but more strategically for the boys who are even more vulnerable to being consumed by all these temptations.  I look forward to having our Troop completely disconnected from the digital world during that week-long outing.

Take a look at this Mormon message about the dangers of not learning how to deal with this ever-increasing reality of digital distractions, diversions and detours:

From my own personal observations, it seems to me that so many kids today go from computer screen, to video game screen to cell phone screen to TV screen back to computer screen and so on.  I might be old-fashioned, but it’s sad to see so much communication breaking down and personal relationships decline as a result of today’s technology, permissive parenting, lack of self-discipline and the ever so subtle presence of the adversary.  More than any other time in history, we need to help our youth see the importance in moderating these distractions – I think their future depends on it.

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