Where do Scout Leaders get plugged in??

Where do Scout leaders get plugged in to find out what’s new?  Am I missing something??  So much of what I learn, I find out by accident.  Just to name a few of the recent big ones:

What’s most frustrating is that I ATTEND ROUNDTABLE!!
I have gone to this meeting every single month since being put in as Scoutmaster two years ago.  I have also attended University of Scouting every year and completed all the other training I am aware of.  So how could I feel so disconnected from the source of all this scouting information?  How much more active do I need to be in order to find things out *before* it’s old news to others?  If I wasn’t constantly exploring other Scout-related topics, I’m not sure how I’d learn about these changes.  I appreciate those who are already connected and post info that causes people like me to ask more questions.  …but I want to get plugged in to where this news comes from, directly.

So tell me, what is that source??

UPDATE: I’ve since discovered a tool called MyBSA that appears to include several things that could be this source I’m looking for.  More specifically:

  • National Council News Update, an electronic bulletin board for current program news
  • MyTraining for training resources, including webinars and self-paced videos

However, when I try logging in with my BSA Passport Account (the same one you use for MyScouting.org), it says I don’t have have access and to contact my local system administrator… now who would that be? 

Even when I have other questions at a council level (not including camp reservations or training registration), I have no idea who to talk to for answers.  Is it just me??

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