Spiritual Badges Are Important Too

Over the course of a boy scout’s trail to Eagle, we spend a lot of time working on outdoor skills, survival strategies and handicraft-type merit badges.  Speaking from personal experience, there is much opportunity that can be missed if these activities are not done with a spiritual element involved…no matter the religion.  That’s where programs like Duty to God, Heart of Scouting and other religiously focused tools can help promote values and “spiritual badges” such as:

  • Appreciation of Serving Others merit badge
  • Strong Work Ethic merit badge
  • Loving the Scriptures merit badge
  • Practical Leadership Experience merit badge
  • Meaningful Prayer merit badge
  • Spiritual Experiences merit badge

I was once an Assistant Varisty Scout Coach for six years (2001-07) and thought scouting was only about teaching the boys how to camp, cook and get along in the wild for a few days.  Since then, I have discovered it is so much more!!  It was only after reading Trails To Testimony, attending Wood Badge and working for the Heart of Scouting pin that I really began to catch the vision.  I saw how these spiritual badges are important too and that they should be the foundation for everything else to be built upon.  How else does a boy live the Scout Oath and Law in his everyday life??

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2 Responses to Spiritual Badges Are Important Too

  1. Jennifer Stauffer says:

    While looking for merit badges for my sons I stumbled across your blog. Thanks for all the info on where to go in the valley for some really fun merit badges. I did wonder though about the spiritual ones. So they carry them in the store? How do I find out more about them?
    Jen Stauffer

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