Foam Sleeping Pad for Car Camping

Several parents have asked me where they can get a foam sleeping pad for their scout.  Now, we aren’t talking about a closed-cell, 3-season pad he might take backpacking or on a winter camp.  They’re referring to a bulky foam pad here – thick, cushy, comfy – the one he’d take for car camping.

The best deal I’ve found for these foam pads is at the Smith’s Marketplace in West Jordan (1820 W 9000 S).  In the far northeast corner of the store, you will find a whole selection to choose from.  Measuring 30″ x 72″, they are 3″ thick and come in a variety of densities and colors.  Of course price matters, right? What if I told you Smith’s sells them for $19.99!

I’m sure you can find these in other stores.  Just compare the details and price with what is available from Smith’s.  For example, I saw pads just like this at Uncle Sam’s Army Navy store in Provo.  They offer more choices in thickness (1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″) but what shocked me the most was their pricing.  $60 for their 3″ pad!  Really??  (This was the same deal with their paracord too – WAY overpriced!)  Since when did shopping at Army Navy stores become so much more expensive?  Anyway, that’s another topic for another time.

If you don’t live near West Jordan, Utah, check around your local area for what our Smith’s calls “Foamex Foam Camper Pad” measuring 3″x30″x72″ for around $20.

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2 Responses to Foam Sleeping Pad for Car Camping

  1. Justin says:

    Any idea if these still exist? I called that location and the number doesn’t work. Seems as though there are all sorts of other locations around the Wasatch front.

    • Scoutmaster says:

      I stopped by this West Jordan location today and they still have as many as I have pictured in this post, now on sale for $18.99. I also tried the number listed on the Smith’s Store Finder webpage and got through without a problem: 801-562-4960. As you mention, there are Smith’s stores all over the Wasatch Front… but I’m not sure if they all carry these foam sleeping pads.

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