Exploring the Value of Scouting

I attended my neighboring council’s University of Scouting event over the weekend and for the second year now, the Utah National Parks Council has absolutely knocked it out of the park again.  I thought 2013 was a home run followed by a grand slam in 2014 with over 100 classes to choose from, well organized marketing materials (including a detailed course catalog) and solid communication right up to the date of this event.  I also have to say, UVU was also an awesome location to host over 800 attendees…what an incredible turnout!!

Training events like this are a great opportunity to “sharpen the saw” so to say and start the year out with some fresh ideas.  In my case, one class in particular made me slow down and re-appreciate the value of scouting.  I was asked to think about my vision of the program, which in turn caused me to wonder how aware parents are of that vision.  Do they know what we’re working on deep below the surface??

Below are the questions I was asked to answer in writing.  Whether you’re a veteran in Scouting or just starting out, think about these questions and take the time to write down your answers.

1. As an adult, the value of scouting is…?

2. As a parent, the value of scouting is…?

3. As a scout, the value of scouting was…?

4. The three biggest challenges in creating the Scouting vision with parents are:




5. The three biggest challenges in creating the Scouting vision with Scouts are:




6. What is the vision of scouting I create for the boys and families of your Troop?

7. How can I implement that vision into a plan of action?

Here are the questions in a printer-friendly version in case you want to do this exercise with your Troop Committee or co-leaders at a Unit, Zone or District level.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of our event! We had a really great time putting in on for everyone. If you want to read more about University of Scouting here’s a link to more information and pictures! http://blog.utahscouts.org/for-parents/scouters-attending-university-scouting-reengaged-cause/

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