Paracord Fusion Ties by JD Lenzen

Scout camp is right around the corner for us… in fact, at the end of this month!  We’ll be attending week #2 at the Bear Lake Aquatics Base and couldn’t be more excited… especially after hearing about the change  with the Aviation Merit Badge at BLAB!

Our planning activities are rolling and we’ve got our thinking caps on about how to “up the fun” since we’ll be at a beachfront campsite this time!  I’m thinking about picking up a Tetherball set at Sports Authority and possibly a Volleyball net.  I will also definitely be taking up a box of paracord for survival bracelets.  This will be the third year in a row we introduce this to the new scouts of our Troop. However, I have an added twist this year.  I bought the book Paracord Fusion Knots by J.D. Lenzen, the creator of the highly acclaimed YouTube channel Tying It All Together.

Paracord Fusion Knots Vol 1 covers a bunch of great knots to take your survival bracelets and tying skills to the next level.  JD cover 35 different straps, slips, falls, bars and bundles in this volume.  Knots such as the Monkey Fist, Switchback Strap, Chained Endless Falls, Backbone Bar, T-Virus Sinnet, the Tire Tread and Shark Jaw Bone to name a few.  I think the boys will like seeing what else is possible with a few strands of paracord!

I also hear JD has volume 2 of this series coming out in July… can’t wait to see it!

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