T-minus 50 days to Jamboree Liftoff

Our council held a series of round-robin Jamboree training sessions this weekend as we count down the last 50 days before our east coast adventure.  We learned a lot about what to expect on this trip including packing requirements, the Do’s & Don’ts of patch trading, tips on personal hygiene, travel etiquette, restaurant manners and uniform expectations while on tour.  We saw a model campsite showing actual dimensions of the ground we will call “home” at the Summit, along with what is being provided for cooking and sleeping.  We also received our duffel bag from National, a carry-on duffel for the pre-Jamboree portion of our trip and a cool hydration pack from GEIGERRIG.

Check out this video of the group of scouts who participated in the “shakedown” last summer to test out the new Jambo location!

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