Fishing License Exemptions for Youth Organizations in Utah

As the weather warms up and lakes begin to thaw, your Troop may be making plans to go fishing in the next few months. Did you know there’s a license exemption for youth organizations in Utah?  My troop discovered this as they planned an ice fishing outing on Rockport Reservoir back in February.  I knew kids over 12 needed a license and thought we’d each have to pay the $7 for a 1-day license. However, one of our Patrol Leaders found this tidbit of info after volunteering to research the regulations in our state. Nice job PL!

According to a Senate Bill from 2007;

“Some youth organizations may hold fishing events where participants may fish without a license. To qualify for this exemption, please read the text of the legislative bill below, then fill out the information at the bottom of the form. You are not required to submit this form to the DWR, but you must have it in your possession during the event.”

 Senate Bill 59, 2007 Legislative Session

23-19-14.5 Persons participating in youth organization activity authorized to fish without license. 

  1. As used in this section, “youth organization” means:
    1. the Boy Scouts of America
    2. the Girls Scouts of the USA; or
    3. an organization that:
      1. is exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code; and
      2. promotes character building through outdoor activities.
  2. The Division of Wildlife Resources shall permit a resident to fish without a license during a youth organization activity if:
    1. the resident is:2013_utah_fishing_exemption
      1. a member of a youth organization; and
      2. younger than 14 years old;
    2. the fishing is in compliance with all fishing statutes and rules; and
    3. the adult leader obtains from the youth organization:
      1. a valid tour permit; or
      2. official documentation that specifies:
        1. the date and place of the fishing;
        2. the name of the adult leader that will supervise the fishing; and
        3. that the activity is officially sanctioned by the youth organization.
  3. (a) The adult leader shall instruct the members on fishing statutes and rules.
    (b) The division shall provide educational materials on its web site to assist the
    adult leader in complying with Subsection (3)(a).
  4. By following the procedures and requirements of Tile 63, Chapter 46a, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the Wildlife Board shall adopt rules specifying the form of the official documentation required by Subsection (2)(C)(ii).

Here’s a copy of the exemption form a Scoutmaster must have in his possession during the troop’s fishing event.  It also might be a good idea to check the current year’s Utah Fishing Guidebook to make sure the rules haven’t changed since 2013.

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One Response to Fishing License Exemptions for Youth Organizations in Utah

  1. David Willis says:

    Effective May 2015, youth ages 12-15 can fish without a license.
    One adult must have a license.
    A form must be filled out (see )
    Result from HB125 run by Bruce Cutler

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