In-store Scavenger Hunt at Cabela’s in Lehi

I’m not sure if every Cabela’s location supports activities for local youth groups, but I know the one in Lehi, Utah does – they offer a scavenger hunt that your Scouts can play inside their store!  The boys wander around looking for answers to 20 fun questions about Cabela’s, each with a point value to make it a bit competitive.  With our Troop, we had them separate into their patrols and gave them 30 minutes to complete this challenge.

Once they were done with the game, we took the opportunity to go over a few items for the Camping Merit Badge.  We also did a quick refresher on requirement #6 from the Second Class rank (identify at least 10 wild animals found in your community).  It was a fun experience and  the Cabela’s staff was friendly, helpful and very accommodating to our large group of Scouts.

If you do this activity on your own, the answer key for the scavenger hunt can be requested from the Customer Service desk.  However, you can benefit from a few other in-store perks (like tokens to the shooting range) if you make arrangements with them ahead of time.  Find a Cabela’s store for contact information to make your own reservation.

Here’s the scavenger hunt activity form you can print before you go.

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