Visit The Healing Field in Sandy

If you haven’t visited The Healing Field in Sandy, Utah, you really should!  Whether you take your scout troop, your family or even go by yourself, it is very moving.  This display of nearly 3,000 flags is one of the most impressive presentations I have ever seen.

Row and row after row of American flags commemorates the anniversary of 9/11 and honors the innocent lives lost on that tragic day.  Each flag also has a laminated card attached to it with a name, age and story about the person it represents.  Walking through this field of flags and reading the stories really touched my heart.  Prayers go out to those who’ve had to deal with such senseless loss.  It is my hope that our country only becomes stronger from this aweful experience and that it’s something we will never forget.

NOTE: If your scout troop is looking for service hours that have some significant impact, they can find one here through the Colonial Flag Foundation.

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