Scout Sewing Specialist or Stake Scout Seamstress?

There are a LOT of sewing needs for a boy who is going through the scouting program!  I know of a few moms that have the time and talent to complete this task; but I also know there are many others who don’t.  My wife is one of those who just doesn’t have the interest nor desire to sew on patches.  Lucky for me, I’ve been able to solve this little dilemma by something offered through my local scout shop… we have a lady who provides a complimentary sewing service for $1.50 per patch, any patch.  All I do is drop them off at the scout shop, wait a week, then pay cash or check when I pick it up.  It’s a sweet arrangement that has been very convenient for me and my two boys.  However in looking at that collection of recognitions between the three of us, it sure does amount to quite a bit of financial support!

While I’m not trying to take away someone’s steady stream of income, this situation got me thinking…  How can I get this service cheaper?  And closer to my home?  And what about those who don’t have an arrangement like this through their local scout shop?  Who sews their patches on?  And do they enjoy it?  Who do I know that could repeat this process?  After all, it is a great scenario to be involved with.

Two approaches came to mind:

1. Start a scout-specific home-based business or,
2. Create a new position at the Ward or Stake level for someone who knows how to sew.

Option 1 would be ideal for a stay-at-home mom (or grandma) who is already part of a community with Boy Scouts in the neighborhood.  Charge $1 a patch, give them a week to get it done, cash or check only.  Simple!

Option 2 is a good one as well!  I’d call this position a “Scout Sewing Specialist” to be clear that it is all about scout patches and uniform alterations.  If you don’t think there’s enough work to keep this calling active, maybe it should be considered at the Stake level.  Perhaps a “Stake Scout Seamstress”??

I’d love to see my elderly mother-in-law earn some extra money to support her needs.  However, I think I’ll pursue the second option as a way to avoid the potential complications with business licensing, reporting income and paying taxes.  Besides, this would be a great service opportunity for someone who could be limited in mobility and/or activity…maybe the only thing you’d have to worry about is Youth Protection requirements.

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