Astronomy Merit Badge Workshop at Clarke Planetarium

Looking for a cool merit badge you can work on in preparation for those bright starry nights at scout camp?  Consider attending the Boy Scout Astronomy Merit Badge Workshop at the Clarke Planetarium in Salt Lake City.  The boys spend about an hour completing requirements in the exhibit area and then two hours in the dome theatre watching a sky simulation with full description and detailed explanation.  We did this last weekend and thought it is awesome!

Cost is $8 per scout and $4 per adult.  Tickets can be purchased online and sold ten weeks before the workshop date – it sells out quick!  For more details or to buy tickets, visit the Clarke Planetarium webpage.

If you’re into star gazing or find yourself looking into the night sky on scout camps wondering “now what constellation is that?”, I’d get your troop signed up for this stellar workshop!

NOTE: I hear something similar is offered up north in Ogden at the Ott Planetarium as well as down south in Utah County at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  Check out their websites for specific event dates, details and costs.


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